The world is a big place., Get ready to Seeitall ...

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Our Mission

The world is a big place, there are beaches to veg on, historic sights to explore, adventures to take.

Everyone needs to SEE IT ALL 2 !!!

My mission is to find the perfect trip for you, and the right destination to fulfill your expectations.

I've booked $ 25,000 exotic voyages as well as quick $800 getaways to Vegas...

I pride myself in attempting to personally SEE every resort that I send clients to.

If I have not been there personally, I will find someone who has, and whose opinion I can trust so that neither one of us has any unpleasant surprises.

Fifty percent of every one of my personal trips is spent looking at properties for future reference, as well as frequent 1-2 day inspection trips strictly for the purpose of seeing new places to send you my valued client.

I love working with honeymooners to plan the perfect completion to your wedding celebration.

I enjoy family reunions... and have lots of family resorts to send you to.

I have worked on board cruise ships, was born and raised in Europe and have traveled extensively.

And yes, I make more commission by selling you a more expensive trip but many times you will hear me say "don't spend the extra money... do this instead, it will save you $$"

The reason for that is three fold:

, you will be happy that you have a travel agent looking out for your buck.

, you will be loyal and come back again. For example, the $1200 I save you on a cruise could be a second trip.


Third, I will feel good, knowing I did my best, and saved you money.

Call us at Seeitall2 Travel, and you too can, SEE IT ALL!!!

Welcome to Seeitall2 The World is a BIG place, Get ready to Seeitall...



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