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From Adrian Miller of Adrian Miller Sales Training:

In this time when we use the internet to make our travel plans I have the good fortune of working with the best, most responsive and reliable travel agent. Over the many years that I’ve used her services for both business and personal travel, she’s saved me thousands of dollars, pointed out things I never would have known/done on my own and has made me look like a superstar when I’ve referred her to my friends and business contacts. My moment of magic with Roe ( transpired when she patiently... no really, really patiently... went through a huge volume of travel options for an upcoming trip overseas including forwarding emails and extra information, and then riding herd on the airline that raised their price before the tickets could be purchased (my delay not hers).

Oh yeah, did I mention my last trip in January when the hotel did not “honor” a commitment and she spent Saturday night tracking down the General Manager at his personal email address and making certain that the change was made.

Get ready to See-it-all!!!

Welcome to Seeitall2 The World is a BIG place, Get ready to Seeitall...




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